Why Ceramic

Ceramics vs. Teflon

Good food starts with good kitchen appliances. Just as most people concentrate on the importance of the quality of groceries, the way the food is being prepared is just as important. Not many people think about coating when buying pots, pans, etc. The different coatings can easily look like each other, but there is a big difference in their properties and quality. Despite the growing interest in health, there are still many who buy kitchen utensils with, Teflon coating, which can be harmful to the health and a problem for the environment. Healthy lifestyle is not just about healthy eating, exercise, alcohol, and smoking. It is also about choosing the right products for everyday use.

Why choose ceramic?

With the choice of ceramic products, you are guaranteed the healthiest cooking. The ceramic coating is made of clay, and does not contain PTFE and PFOA, which are the two most well-known fluorides, which can have negative effects on your health. Clay, as a coating, is incredibly robust as the firing process of the material makes it hard and resilient. There are no toxins in ceramic products. When preparing food in ceramic cookware, no toxins are released, unlike Teflon coating. Therefore, if you want healthy cooking, it is recommended that you choose aluminum kitchen appliances that have a ceramic coating, as it is the most durable and resistant.



Unhealthy for the body and environment

Teflon coating is not the healthiest choice, as it contains both PTFE and PFOA as mentioned earlier. PTFE and PFOA are both chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of food packaging such as microwave popcorn, paper bags and so on. The use of fluorides is not recommended, as the substance takes a long time to break down and can therefore accumulate in the body and have an effect on the environment. Temperatures of 250 degrees or above can release the unwanted fluoride into the food and air. Therefore, overheating the pan should be avoided. The toxic substances are excreted in small amounts from the Teflon coating, if you fry at high temperatures, which also affects the environment. If you fry the food at medium heat temperatures, it will be safe to say that no toxic substances are excreted and can therefore be used without danger. But the question is, can you always fry food at medium heat temperatures only? It can be really difficult to accept these conditions, as one will sometimes need to fry the food at high temperatures, which will be unfortunate with Teflon coating.

The coating is not durable

In addition to the above, the Teflon material is not durable enough, as the material is quite soft. Teflon appliances cannot be scraped with metal tools or sharp objects, as it can wear the coating, which results in Teflon flakes mixing with the food.

The use of wooden, silicone, and nylon utensils is generally recommended – also for ceramic products, as the service life of the kitchen utensils is extended.


Dorsch cookware

Dorsch manufacturers pots and pans made of cast aluminum with 3-layer ceramic coating and non-stick surface, which has the best slip-easy properties. This means that the pan releases the food more easily, and there is only a minimal need for the use of fats when preparing the food. If the food already contains fats, then there will be no need for additional use of fat. In addition, they are incredibly easy to clean, as nothing sticks to the bottom, thanks to the non-stick coating. The kitchen utensil have a very high temperature resistance, as the products can withstand up to 450° C, and provide a fast and even heating.
Dorsch combines both stylish and elegant looks, with high quality.

It is your own choice

There is a wide selection on the market, when it comes to buying cookware. It can therefore be a difficult choice. It is up to the individual person, in respect to which decision is to be made, as not everyone can be alike when it comes to what they value most and prefer. Whatever you prefer, you should not take the above for granted. When buying kitchen appliances, it is recommended that you make some careful considerations, and that you do not get caught up in fixed routines. Teflon has been the most widely used coating material and, we as humans, can have a tendency to stick to what we know and are comfortable with. Technology is evolving rapidly, and it is important to bring this technology into your kitchen as it brings great advances and advantages. If you are considering a healthier lifestyle, it would be beneficial to think about the above. It does not take much to make healthier choices which have an impact on your own health and the environment. Remember that you and your family deserve the best.